Emergency Childbirth
Mini Guide!

This illustrated Emergency Childbirth Mini Guide, takes you through the stages of a "normal" birth in an emergency (unplanned) home situation, including various birthing supplies that you can gather together in the spur of the moment or, much better, well in advance of the emergency situation.

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Emergency Childbirth Laceration Repair Guide

A great resource for the midwife in training, the seasoned midwife as a reference, any healthcare worker, and any caregiver so that they will be prepared in case of an emergency.

* eBook is in PDF format

The Traditional Midwife

Written by The Traditional Midwife (Dianne Bjarnson). Click below to find out more about her, for educational materials, pregnancy information, and herbal supplements designed for all the stages of pregnancy.


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This site is maintained by the Traditional Midwife (Dianne Bjarnson) who has been helping mothers bring their children into the world for over 40 years. During these entire 40 years she has focused on in home births and has trained hundreds of midwives and developed courses and syallabi to make them prepared for emergency situations. The guides found on this site are an attempt to get emergency birth information to as many people as possible in a format that can be easily understood and applied.

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